Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PARTY TIME BLOGS !!! ;; Any ideas ? :)

So, As I've mentioned plenty plenty, my baby is due to come soon! I've been racking my brain trying to plan a successful baby shower. So far, the invitations were compromised seeing as our lids did NOT come in on time. So, I wrapped each invitation like so with kraft paper :)

I used gift basket shredding to fill the base of the box and put the invitation on top.
I then went ahead and tied it with a Pink ribbon and wrapped it individually with a wonderful Kraft paper which I got the from Dollar Tree Store.

My husband and his fellow Marine went out and delivered them door to door with their Uniform, it was so nice ! A friend of mine was so shy and said she felt like she was being invited to a fairytale ball or party :)

Okay, so that is that. Half of the people haven't received their invites because of mailing. AHH !

NOW, I already reserved the place from 2pm-6pm. Party starts at 2:30pm sooo I'm gonna try to set everything up quick with the help of friends.


I'm having an elephant focused safari pink and brown theme. I'm just not sure what to serve. What drinks and foods. Also, I'm having cupcakes, but not sure what the point would be if I'm also having a cake??

I made a registry online, but it doesn't seem like everyone looks at it. I have clothes GALORE and am trying to prevent from getting more clothes.

I have a drawer full and am trying to organize all of her clothes. I have it overflowing and even in her little crib !!!

But I can truly say  I'm blessed :)

All in all, I want to read about your baby showers. Your themes, and what you ladies did


Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Oh my Gee !!!! I have been beyond busy!!!

Procrastination does you good !!!
I am attending my finals doc appts and am now planning my baby shower and it is on the 2nd of February. -__- Nice huh?

I have created my registry, ordered my invites, created a SAVE THE DATE event on Facebook, reserved the facility, and now am planning on the foods and favors.

Any suggestions? I am in true need of any simple yet yummy foods.

I'm doing a brown and pink elephant theme for her :)

Also, any games? Any prizes?

AHHH !! Thank God I have a wonderful friend here to help me! And a supportive husband :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bed Rest Days;; 31 Weeks && Counting - How it began !

It's 11:48pm, almost midnight and my husband isn't home.
Being a Marine sucks for us wives sometimes. I'm starting to understand how much work he has and what the life means. I get a little insecure often, of course.
When I first met my husband, we were at a little restaurant that had dancing and a DJ. I went with my cousin and my best friend. They decided to go dance. I decided to sit down for a bit.

And then a guy comes, he asks if I want to dance. I tell him "No, I;m fine".
He continues and asks "Why not?"

Why not? WHY NOT? Who asks why not after getting rejected? Haha !

"I'm tired right now. I'm taking a break."
"Is that your excuse?" he asks.
"No" I say, "Its my REASON".

He looks away and then asks "May I sit down?"
I gave him the you-are-the-weirdest-guy look. But I said ''Fine".

He ended up telling me about himself. I was willing to listen after the little persistence he gave.  He told me where he was from, that he was military, and that he was only here another couple years.
I called it fibbing. He swore to me it was all true, I refused to believe.

We kept talking, through the night. Danced a little. Talked some more, until it was time to go. He asked me for my number and I gave it to him hesitantly.

I left the restaurant/club and immediately texted him. I knew I wanted to get to know him better. He texted me back and that's how we began. He was an hour and a half away from me, but he managed to come see me after my college classes. He took me out on dates and we just had plenty of fun together.

We fell in love.

Days went by, months, a year. we got engaged. (That's another story.)

We decided to move in together. The distance would kill us and frankly,we knew we could be happier.

We began our intimate relationship.  Boy did we have it hahah! But I informed him about my chances for having a baby; It was slim to none. I was constantly going to my OB/GYN for Multiple ovarian cysts. I was never diagnosed with PCOS, but the cysts reoccurred monthly. I've had surgery to have them removed.

Anywhoo, we decided to try for a baby. BOLD move. But it didn't work. Until one day...

 I secretly recorded him speaking to our hopefully-there baby. H e fell in love quick. And so did I.

Unfortunately, that didn't last. I got horrible cramping, and bleeding that we ruled it a miscarriage. I felt embarrassed. Shocked. Worthless.

I never told the doctor about it.

But after that day, we decided not to try. We knew we weren't ready. And we accepted it.
Shortly thereafter, here is my older sister gathered with all of us as we headed to the Bay restaurants for some yummy seafood on 4th of July. She stated that she was cramping. I realized I hadn't had my menstrual cycle yet. I figured, its the cysts. Days passed, weeks passed. Until I got a box of three pregnancy tests.
I took one and there is the result. I couldn't believe it!!!

At this rate, the baby would be a month old!!!
I took another and the huge positive sign just flashed right in front of my face with a quickness!
And then I knew, I was going to be a mommy.
My then Fiance came home from overnight duty and I surprised him by giving him a gift. A pair of knit slippers, tiny ones. He cried.
And now here we are.
                          31 weeks and counting for our little angle to come. <3

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bed Rest Days;; 1 Month left to go?

This coming Tuesday, January 15, 2012 I will be exactly 8 months. Why then am I due in March? I also just found my little stretch marks forming.


HAHAha :)

It's been a busy week for me. Hectic, dramatic. Busy.
My little brother has exams so I'm helping him with that. I am trying to register for classes to continue school after the baby is born, But that isn't easy coming. I'm not sure if I will even have the will power to do so.
My doggy peed on my bed today. How do I train a Dinmont Terrier to just settle down and learn once and for all that he needs to potty outside ?!?! AHHHHH !!!

Sincere question though, How do/did you ladies relax during pregnancy? What did you do to pamper yourselves? How did you gain such confidence enough to fully embrace your pregnancy? Ithink I need to start working on myself from here on out. Myself and my little baby girl, even though I'm sure she'll come first. :)

She throws such fits at night when I sleep on my left. Its like a ninja kick!! So I HAVE to lie on my right side most nights.

I am lucky for this little blessing.
     And the life God blessed me into. <3

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bed Rest Days;; 31 weeks and Thinking

Sometimes, Having a baby is a scary thing. As you all may have noticed, I do tend to Freak out plenty.
I'm in a different situation, that's why. Let me tell you a little about me.

I'm a student, 22 years old and currently expecting with my first child, a baby girl.
I met a wonderful person and we got to know each other very well. We weren't even a year into our relationship when he proposed. Being an active Duty Marine, I figured they need to take action to get as they want since they're only stationed so long in one area.

So we got engaged. There we are with a new relationship and a new life together. We decided to move in together.

Three months later, we were expecting. Being a new mommy, and with the baby being so unexpected (doctors told me I wasn't going to be able to have children quite so easy, maybe not at all) We decided to move into my mother's house to get the help we need.

My Fiance (at the time) and I would fight constantly. With this being our first baby, our first move in, our first seriousness, we just didn't know how to handle it. We argued and argued.
This is how my mother came to not liking him at all.

For the sake of our relationship and for the sake of the baby, we chose to work it out. No matter what it takes.

We also ended up getting married. Just the two of us with no one still in the know.

It's crazy here living with my mother. This house brings a drama of it's own. Simply, I'm getting frustrated not being able to live my OWN life. I know things that are done my way aren't the way mommy wants it. I know that mommy isn't doing to well and is depressed so I try to help her out as well. It's just a little too much sometimes.

Well that's me now. My twin sister is a sailor, I'm a student whose fallen a little behind due to my pregnancy, living at home with my mom and husband. Crazy huh?

Sometimes it gets tough. But I think the point of this was to let out a little about me. I get frustrated at times, but I can truly say that i see a good future with my Husband.

And I AM happy.
        Especially with my little princess on the way. My little miracle. :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bed Rest Days;; Help !!!!!! :0

It was 12am, I was up attempting to watch Ghost Hunters with my husband. He began to snore away.

It was 1am, I try to fall asleep. My tummy is relaxed, which could only mean she's possibly sleeping !!! :)

2am I can't sleep. I had to prevent myself from blogging about this !!!

3am, I fall asleep. :)
I feel as though I'm hungry but because I'm so tired, this time, I ignored it. "/ maybe not the best idea.

5am, I wake up ! She's kicking me at every sleeping position I could possibly get !!

6am, I go to sleep.

It's 9am, and I am just wide awake !!! My teeth hurt from putting in a retainer from sooo long ago hahah. But geez !

What can I do to get some sleep around here ??? :0

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Something New, Feeling in Love much more?

A little love story, if you will :)

Last night, my dearest husband came home from overnight Duty. He was tired and came right to bed with me. He hugged my belly tight and said "I'm going to sleep with my baby today". I thought he was joking but, she kept calm and he fell asleep hugging my belly.

Soon after, I found myself sleepy and slept right with them both.

I woke up at one pm, starving ! We made plans to start getting things ready for the baby shower at 3pm. I was in the living room watching TV, on Google+, and of course enjoying left overs from New Years Dinner.

4pm came around and he finally woke up. :)
He ate some food, we both got ready and off we went to look at the Activity Centers to hold our baby shower. We got all the info we needed fairly quickly and then I asked him "Where to?"
He gave me sly kind of smile and said "What about the mall? Lets go have a pretzel, a smoothie, and walk around a little."
I was so happy to hear those words coming out of his mouth. And off we went.
We ate our pretzels from Auntie Anne's, drank our smoothies from Ice Ice Baby, ate some fries from Charley's subs, talked and laughed plenty !!! It was such a nice, simple night out :)
We came home and I searched for DIY party favors and racked my brain a little more.

10pm came around and it was bedtime. I put my pillow in front of me like a body pillow, turned off my lamp and he grabbed me from my waist. I thought he was jokingly tugging on me, so I pulled away a bit, but he pulled me all the way back this time. I haven't felt that sense of "man handling" if you will (hahha) since before our marriage and before our pregnancy. It was a sort of sexy feeling.
He pulled me in and I ended up lying on his bicep with his other arm around my belly. He kissed my forehead goodnight and we fell right asleep.

It was a beautiful feeling. We've been having a bit of roughness with our relationship and I want to say its the pregnancy, but a part of me tends not to believe it.

Moments like this remind me why I fell in love with him in the first place. And why I continue to.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bed Rest Days; Are You a supermommy?

Good afternoon Everyone !
It's a New Year !!! Got any new plans ?
I'm busy setting up everything for my little munchkin to get here. I have approximately 6-10 weeks to go . First time mommy, so this is scary !!!

I always wonder how women have babies and get up to continue to be superwoman a week later ?!?! *Hats off* Any tips? :)
I'm planning on breast feeding and I hear there is a need for a certain diet at least two months post pregnancy.

Also, anything you might suggest? I'm having a baby shower very soon, but my registry isn't as packed as others I have seen. I may be missing daily essentials. ANY tips are appreciated.

Oh they Joy of babies !!!
Can you tell I'm nervous?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bed Rest Days, New Year !!!!

Its a New Day, a New Year!! 2012 is gone and we are now in the midst of 2013. Time surely does fly!!! This means that I will be seeing my little princess in no time now.
That also means a full year of hustling to the max! Trying to provide what I can to the best of me, my husband and my little one.
Do any of you have New Year's resolutions? Have you managed to stick by them before?

My resolution continues to be the same; to do the best for myself and my family in this life.
My wish? To be healthy and happy.

Being with family and friends couldn't be any better. Yesterday,as the countdown began, and with my twin sister on the phone, all I could her is her scrambling to try to get on Skype to wish us a Happy New Year. It  was a huge hole in my heart not to have her with us. So once we saw her on the laptop screen, I began to cry and so did she. I wish I could hug her and just apologize for all the mean things we've ever done to each other.But siblings will be siblings. And as long as I have her in good health and safe, I am a happy twin sister of a Sailor!!

My Marine was home with me and we had our New Years kiss of course :)
Another year of fun, headaches, loving, and now a little munchkin for us. We're hoping to start building the roots of our little family soon.

To everyone, I wish you all a wonderful New Year !!!  I hope your dinners and deserts were wonderful !!! and continue to flourish in this life! <3