Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The ten month one week wait is over !!! A little gist ;)

Two weeks old.
That's how young my baby is today. She is the most precious creature I've seen to cross my path. I love her more than love. I adore her! I already worry of exposing her to this awful world.

She made me realize what love is really about.

My labor wasn't all that bad. My little one wasn't in a rush to come on her due date so we waited another week from the 12 of March and decided if she didnt come out on her own, we'd begin to induce the labor.

The 18th came around and off I went to the hospital with bags, pillows, snacks and my husband in had, ready to take on our first labor. at 8pm, they monitored the baby and checked for any contractions. I had a few every here and there but nothing out of the ordinary.

At about 9pm, they went ahead and administered the Pitocin. I asked for only at most three drops and that's how it went. My water broke about two hours later. EXCITATION!!!!!!! :)

Hours went by and I began to have back pain, so I was given a pain medicine in order to sleep the night. By morning time, I was beginning to feel contractions, but again, nothing to serious. I prayed to God plenty to give me strength when delivering this baby. All I could do was pray pray pray.

When the doctor came to check, I was 7cm dilated.That's when the lower pressure began and I felt the need to push. The doctor specifically said no, but I just couldn't help it. With no epidural and no pain meds, the pressure was quite strong!

So i began to push, and I couldn't contain myself. Everything went chaotic. Nurses everywhere setting things up, the bed making its position to a delivery bed, doctors asking me to move lower, hold my thigh, listen to only her voice while other's were just tugging away at my legs.

"Push!" I couldn't. I didn't have a contraction. But right when I did, I pushed and nothing happened. By the second push I was crowning. "Pushhh!" And so I did, With all my might and by the Grace of God, my little munchkin came right out! That cry! Oh lord that cry!

I was exhausted.

I needed to get stitched due to tears, but once everything was calm, I had my little one in my arms. Safe and sound <3