Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bed Rest days;; Still trying to make a living ??

Hello all !!! As I mentioned before, New years is right around the corner. I have many things to do, so little time! I've been busy trying to multitask, but with a little bouncy active person in my belly, that doesn't always get done..
Trying to find a Job as a SAHM isn't coming to well either. It doesn't seem as though any of my medical skills teching helps in any online field "/ So I've been trying to clean out my closet and put some stuff to sell online. I'm not getting much of  big amount but it's better than nothing, right?

I have many CD's that could get sold, but it's coming out to about 50 cents each. AHHHH !!! Not even close to half of what I paid for each ! I'm guessing maybe starting a little company to aid others. Maybe that can help me stay busy and earn a little living? Somehow, I'll figure it out. God made gave my husband and I this little blessing for a reason.

Many ideas, many ideas. But I surely want to do things right.

Anyone have a legitimate work from home job? "/

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bed Rest Days;; Holidays !!

Today is the 26th, only a couple of days away from the New year ! We have many people anxious, others not too fond of the idea of a new year here, with minimal accomplished this passing year... If that makes any sense.
I'm excited !! With my first baby girl on the way, I can't wait to see who she looks like, how she laughs, how much she'll eat and so much more!!! things are still being set up and put together. Even the baby shower!! SO MUCH PROCRASTINATION !!!
1. Invitations
2. Food
3. Place/Rec Center
4. Shower Favors
5. Games
6. ....
I can't think of anything else just yet but I'm sure there's more in that list that needs to be done. I'll think of it soon after I finish eating my soup and get more focused. Being sick with a stomach viruson Christmas and christmas Eve couldn't be more memorable. That we shall talk more of later :)
In the meantime, enjoy your family and friends and perhaps Eggnog? Happy Holidays !! <3

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bed rest, Day... Untracked

I've lost track of many things thus far. I've been feeling a little bit less than how I should. Worst should I say.
I am currently 7 months pregnant and the stretching and carrying the weight without a pregnancy belt kicks my butt! It's no joke, especially for a once -used- to- be petite girl. I've started setting up the baby's little space in my room. (A search for a condo is currently in the works!)
We've got diapers, baby shampoo, little socks, mittens, clothes, little head bow and of course the crib!!! 

** Tips for new mommies !!!!!  (or any mommy at that):
            When shopping for clothes on the racks, make sure there are little to no stains for past customers handling. It's best to buy Dreft or baby detergent, gather all clothes that did not come in packaging, and wash them before the baby comes. It's a little tedious but better to be clean, safe and welcome baby home to a nice rack of clean clothing.

 Aside from that, I've been working on little ol' me! Holidays are coming and finding work as a remote position is still looking super slim. But, I'm still on it.
Anywhoo, I digress. I've been working on my nails but, eh. I'm still working on even being home 24/7 !
I made a little design on my nails. I used a light color, Funky fingers to be exact from Five below (I never used it much before). I applied that as a first coat. You can apply a second coat if you'd like, i just let that dry and added a glitter coat on top. I made sure my ring fingers were painted only glitter though :) Add a little clear coat and ta-daaa !!! Simple yet holiday like !! :)