Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bed rest, Day... Untracked

I've lost track of many things thus far. I've been feeling a little bit less than how I should. Worst should I say.
I am currently 7 months pregnant and the stretching and carrying the weight without a pregnancy belt kicks my butt! It's no joke, especially for a once -used- to- be petite girl. I've started setting up the baby's little space in my room. (A search for a condo is currently in the works!)
We've got diapers, baby shampoo, little socks, mittens, clothes, little head bow and of course the crib!!! 

** Tips for new mommies !!!!!  (or any mommy at that):
            When shopping for clothes on the racks, make sure there are little to no stains for past customers handling. It's best to buy Dreft or baby detergent, gather all clothes that did not come in packaging, and wash them before the baby comes. It's a little tedious but better to be clean, safe and welcome baby home to a nice rack of clean clothing.

 Aside from that, I've been working on little ol' me! Holidays are coming and finding work as a remote position is still looking super slim. But, I'm still on it.
Anywhoo, I digress. I've been working on my nails but, eh. I'm still working on even being home 24/7 !
I made a little design on my nails. I used a light color, Funky fingers to be exact from Five below (I never used it much before). I applied that as a first coat. You can apply a second coat if you'd like, i just let that dry and added a glitter coat on top. I made sure my ring fingers were painted only glitter though :) Add a little clear coat and ta-daaa !!! Simple yet holiday like !! :)

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