Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 15

Gee! The holidays are really here. Thanksgiving came and went but Christmas is really around the corner !!
Secret Santa time. Snow time. Scarves and yummy dinners :)
With a restriction if you wake up every hour with massive heartburn. How do I get rid if it ?!!! :0

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bed Rest Blues;; Day 14

Thanksgiving has come and gone. But that doesn't take away from the moments.
My wonderful twin sister surprised is with a visit from her Ship. She's a Navy sailor, a beautiful one at that !! 😘😘
The baby is growing more and more. In a great speed, I'd say. She's just turned 24 weeks and is kicking so strong, it's visible to the human eye even over my shirts ! It's funny how amazed people get :)
Laundry, dishes and making the bed is still in the program. No getting away from that.
Nonetheless, these past days have been amazing. And Christmas is coming soon. I'm going to be my sister's helper with putting up the lights. Well, everyone will.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 8 ;; Bed Rest ?

Boy am I tired ! A very productive day!!! I would very much so get yelled at by my Docs..
Laundry early in the morning followed by cleaning of the room only. That means move furniture, sweep and mop under everything !!!!
I'm tired ! But I was productive ! :)
A little discomfort from it all "/ I'm just a tad stubborn and hate hate HATE a dirty place..
Bed rest blues.
But not quite today.
Homework time :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bed Rest Blues

What a day ! Should I say night! Last night was the United States Marine Corps 237th birthday Ball! The ceremony was unforgettable and the people were just what made the night ! Boy are marines just something else! I guess that's what made me attract one! They have they're values and persevere!
Anywhoo, Blues? Not so much today. Tired? Definitely! The two hour drive for the best of me and my baby.
Tomorrow back to reality and school work.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Bed Rest Blues

It's 8:23am, I'm still in bed. I should be fixing my laundry as the weekend is coming. Laundry day !!!!
It seems like its been forever since I last stepped foot in my job. Er, former job. Small practice can't keep a job on hold for someone on bed rest.
There are so many things a girl can do in the meanwhile. Of course being in bed is a must!!! But if you don't feel good to drive, or don't have a car available, set up dates !!! With your girlfriends of course. :)
Get cozy with a good book and hot chocolate! (Unless you're in the heat, maybe a lemonade will do).
Watch those favorite episodes on Netflix that you craved to when you were at work.
Write your baby; have a baby journal or diary ! I keep mine, in my phone of course. Technology nowadays ! :P
Make some cookies? Yumm ! Especially of you have little ones. Just don't carry heavy things !!!
Write letters to your friends. Bring back old memories of communication :)
Nonetheless, there are plenty things to do even while on bed rest! I'm trying most of these out myself..
But I'll start next week. With a military ball in two weeks, I've more than procrastinated on buying a dress !!
But bed rest blues, I may be getting rid of you !!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bed Rest Blues

You know, bed rest isn't the worst. I wake up at 930 as opposed to 7. There's a plus for sure!
Having a husband that supports me, another plus. I couldn't do this without him. Without his support.
I definitely have time to eat more. No more sneaking around the office to trying to steal a bite or two of my bagel.
Day #4, not seeming too bad. I have class at 5pm, so that may be part of it. But, so far it's alright. And the baby's kicking for miles. I have a feeling she'll be a dancer ! ❤

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bed Rest Blues

Pains and heaviness. All just for the need to go to the doctor as an Emergency visit and then, Bam!
"You are ordered to maintain in bed rest."
The idea sounds all wonderful! No more working with patients, no more running around to hustle for things to get done, no more deep cleaning, no more hassles.
It's the life ! As so is said.
This is my Day #3 of the bed rest blues. Maybe down the road, the title will change. But for now, headaches, worry and stress is all that's resting with me on my bed, along with my 23 week old baby inside the womb.
Finances, food, events that were planned for the baby.
Lets just keep calm and try to stay afloat of bed rest's main purpose ere; to care for the princess arriving to town soon.