Friday, November 16, 2012

Bed Rest Blues

It's 8:23am, I'm still in bed. I should be fixing my laundry as the weekend is coming. Laundry day !!!!
It seems like its been forever since I last stepped foot in my job. Er, former job. Small practice can't keep a job on hold for someone on bed rest.
There are so many things a girl can do in the meanwhile. Of course being in bed is a must!!! But if you don't feel good to drive, or don't have a car available, set up dates !!! With your girlfriends of course. :)
Get cozy with a good book and hot chocolate! (Unless you're in the heat, maybe a lemonade will do).
Watch those favorite episodes on Netflix that you craved to when you were at work.
Write your baby; have a baby journal or diary ! I keep mine, in my phone of course. Technology nowadays ! :P
Make some cookies? Yumm ! Especially of you have little ones. Just don't carry heavy things !!!
Write letters to your friends. Bring back old memories of communication :)
Nonetheless, there are plenty things to do even while on bed rest! I'm trying most of these out myself..
But I'll start next week. With a military ball in two weeks, I've more than procrastinated on buying a dress !!
But bed rest blues, I may be getting rid of you !!

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