Thursday, July 12, 2012


People tend to relate this word with bad outcomes. But not always is it so. A positive pregnancy test. The start of a new beginning. The start of a new life.
Not bad at all!
Many people associate a positive pregnancy with unwanted outcomes because of unpreparedness.  Financially and mentally, many people tend to have unplanned pregnancies. Most often than not, we hear of these situations. Especially of those in young age.

But what about the happiness in it all? The scrap booking, the photos and videos, the baby clothes, the vomit and pooping?
Many not so often the vomit and poop, but some dads do get excited to experience it the first time around.

All in all, the positive is good. A positive pregnancy test, a positive pregnancy, a positive outcome. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Little kids, Big kids

The dark. Heights. Water. Even feet. All things that at least one individual on this earth is afraid of.
                  A parent's fear?
Their child growing up in today's society.
     Many children in today's era are no longer considered children as they once used to in last decades. With influence of today's media and role models surrounding, the youth of today's generation have become overly developed and molded to believe that at a certain age, they've become what is known to be "grown". Because of the increase in development of children's bodies, whether it be due to type of food consumption or genetics, the media has greatly marketed young children in hopes of making them believe how young "old" can be.
     Media has played a great role in influencing the minds of the young. Music videos, especially those in the hip hop and R&B genres, depict women as sex objects. It gives off the message to boys that it's okay to view women this way, all the while telling young girls that it is okay to be viewed this way. Video games, starting from Grand Theft Auto to even Sims, reenact what children have seen in Movies, where the men get the women (prostitutes in some cases), and just leave them to hang dry. Everyday we hear about young girls committing acts of “adultness”. What do I mean? Take a look at Amber Cole. According to “Amber Cole is a 14-year-old female student who became the subject of a Worldwide Trending Topic on Twitter late Sunday night (Oct 16) after being featured in a viral video showing her performing a sexual act on one of her male classmates after school.” When this happened, more videos came up with young females doing the same thing, but it was now more funny than not. features many different videos of women being ruthless, deceiving and unfaithful to their significant other. Viewed now many different males of different ages, it’s only seen as comical.
     But not only can we fault the media, parents are to blame as well. In my own personal experience, I see sixteen year olds walking around with tongue rings, tattoos, lip piercing, brand name shoes and clothes, but what for? Why do parents tend to spoil their child who’s heading into the path of becoming brats themselves?
 When asking, I came upon the general idea that “With material, given is motivation to succeed”.