Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bed Rest Blues

Pains and heaviness. All just for the need to go to the doctor as an Emergency visit and then, Bam!
"You are ordered to maintain in bed rest."
The idea sounds all wonderful! No more working with patients, no more running around to hustle for things to get done, no more deep cleaning, no more hassles.
It's the life ! As so is said.
This is my Day #3 of the bed rest blues. Maybe down the road, the title will change. But for now, headaches, worry and stress is all that's resting with me on my bed, along with my 23 week old baby inside the womb.
Finances, food, events that were planned for the baby.
Lets just keep calm and try to stay afloat of bed rest's main purpose ere; to care for the princess arriving to town soon.

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