Friday, January 11, 2013

Bed Rest Days;; 1 Month left to go?

This coming Tuesday, January 15, 2012 I will be exactly 8 months. Why then am I due in March? I also just found my little stretch marks forming.


HAHAha :)

It's been a busy week for me. Hectic, dramatic. Busy.
My little brother has exams so I'm helping him with that. I am trying to register for classes to continue school after the baby is born, But that isn't easy coming. I'm not sure if I will even have the will power to do so.
My doggy peed on my bed today. How do I train a Dinmont Terrier to just settle down and learn once and for all that he needs to potty outside ?!?! AHHHHH !!!

Sincere question though, How do/did you ladies relax during pregnancy? What did you do to pamper yourselves? How did you gain such confidence enough to fully embrace your pregnancy? Ithink I need to start working on myself from here on out. Myself and my little baby girl, even though I'm sure she'll come first. :)

She throws such fits at night when I sleep on my left. Its like a ninja kick!! So I HAVE to lie on my right side most nights.

I am lucky for this little blessing.
     And the life God blessed me into. <3


  1. Hey Joanna, I used to take time and relax by reading a nice book, while soaking my feet..(That's always nice when pregnant) I also drank alot of ice water, it was something that was refreshing for me. Also playing some nice relaxing music while doing something you enjoy. I embraced my pregnancy from the start, we had tried for a very long time to have our daughter so when it finally did happen after years of trying, I embraced everything about pregnancy and made sure to rub my belly every day :). How is bedrest going for you? I was never put on bedrest. By the way your little dog is cute. I remember potty training our pug, I would take a (wee wee dog pad) outside and tell him "potty" it worked right away. Good luck with training your dog, and also congrats on your little blessing. They truly are a blessing from God. :)

    1. I DO need a nice book!!! I haven't got a chance to get one still. I have been so lazy and without energy, I just can't seem to do much!!
      My baby was unexpected. Doctor's told me I would have a difficult time reproducing because of my ovarian cysts, but it looks like my baby girl IS a Marine baby :P
      My doggy is an old man now. Hahha ! WE try training him but I think its too late? lol
      Thanks for taking your time to read :)

  2. Oh I understand! I was diagnosed with what they call endometriosis, and I knew something was wrong, the cramping, heavy menstrual cycles. (But while my husband was in the army) doctors were unable to find the reason, it was until I was referred to a civilian doctor and was told I had endo, (cysts had taken over and I had surgery to get them removed) We had been trying for 5 years to have our daughter, and finally after my surgery and his last deployment we were able to get pregnant. I call my doctor an angel. God made everything work out, and for that I am so thankful. We are going onto 10 years of marriage, and we figured something was wrong, because we are still fairly young and Im just so happy we were able to find the issue. God bless you and your family, pregnancy is such a beautiful experience. And I think you may have a chance with potty training your dog, I know at petco, or petsmart you can go in and ask for some tips! :)