Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bed Rest Days;; 31 Weeks && Counting - How it began !

It's 11:48pm, almost midnight and my husband isn't home.
Being a Marine sucks for us wives sometimes. I'm starting to understand how much work he has and what the life means. I get a little insecure often, of course.
When I first met my husband, we were at a little restaurant that had dancing and a DJ. I went with my cousin and my best friend. They decided to go dance. I decided to sit down for a bit.

And then a guy comes, he asks if I want to dance. I tell him "No, I;m fine".
He continues and asks "Why not?"

Why not? WHY NOT? Who asks why not after getting rejected? Haha !

"I'm tired right now. I'm taking a break."
"Is that your excuse?" he asks.
"No" I say, "Its my REASON".

He looks away and then asks "May I sit down?"
I gave him the you-are-the-weirdest-guy look. But I said ''Fine".

He ended up telling me about himself. I was willing to listen after the little persistence he gave.  He told me where he was from, that he was military, and that he was only here another couple years.
I called it fibbing. He swore to me it was all true, I refused to believe.

We kept talking, through the night. Danced a little. Talked some more, until it was time to go. He asked me for my number and I gave it to him hesitantly.

I left the restaurant/club and immediately texted him. I knew I wanted to get to know him better. He texted me back and that's how we began. He was an hour and a half away from me, but he managed to come see me after my college classes. He took me out on dates and we just had plenty of fun together.

We fell in love.

Days went by, months, a year. we got engaged. (That's another story.)

We decided to move in together. The distance would kill us and frankly,we knew we could be happier.

We began our intimate relationship.  Boy did we have it hahah! But I informed him about my chances for having a baby; It was slim to none. I was constantly going to my OB/GYN for Multiple ovarian cysts. I was never diagnosed with PCOS, but the cysts reoccurred monthly. I've had surgery to have them removed.

Anywhoo, we decided to try for a baby. BOLD move. But it didn't work. Until one day...

 I secretly recorded him speaking to our hopefully-there baby. H e fell in love quick. And so did I.

Unfortunately, that didn't last. I got horrible cramping, and bleeding that we ruled it a miscarriage. I felt embarrassed. Shocked. Worthless.

I never told the doctor about it.

But after that day, we decided not to try. We knew we weren't ready. And we accepted it.
Shortly thereafter, here is my older sister gathered with all of us as we headed to the Bay restaurants for some yummy seafood on 4th of July. She stated that she was cramping. I realized I hadn't had my menstrual cycle yet. I figured, its the cysts. Days passed, weeks passed. Until I got a box of three pregnancy tests.
I took one and there is the result. I couldn't believe it!!!

At this rate, the baby would be a month old!!!
I took another and the huge positive sign just flashed right in front of my face with a quickness!
And then I knew, I was going to be a mommy.
My then Fiance came home from overnight duty and I surprised him by giving him a gift. A pair of knit slippers, tiny ones. He cried.
And now here we are.
                          31 weeks and counting for our little angle to come. <3


  1. It's hard to be married to a service member period and I commend you on being married to a Marine. I hope your little baby treats you guys so well. It is so wonderful when that little person arrives and looks at you for the first time ever. My son is only 14 months and and it really feels like yesterday that I was pregnant with him and then giving birth to him. When our eyes met for the first time I knew that my time in the service was over and that I had a new job that needed to be done. I loved that little boy the second I saw him as a little jelly bean in my belly.

  2. Forgot to say don't forget to check out Military One Source. It has tons of information on it for new military parents, such as how to get your baby to sleep. Free stuff and much much more. If you guys have some kind of Marine and Family readiness center near your base they should have a special program to help new parents like giving them a bundle of newborn items such as diapers, bottles etc.

    1. Oh my !! Thanks so much !!! I appreciate the info :)
      I can't wait to meet our little princess. She's coming so soon, I can feel it :)