Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bed Rest Days;; Help !!!!!! :0

It was 12am, I was up attempting to watch Ghost Hunters with my husband. He began to snore away.

It was 1am, I try to fall asleep. My tummy is relaxed, which could only mean she's possibly sleeping !!! :)

2am I can't sleep. I had to prevent myself from blogging about this !!!

3am, I fall asleep. :)
I feel as though I'm hungry but because I'm so tired, this time, I ignored it. "/ maybe not the best idea.

5am, I wake up ! She's kicking me at every sleeping position I could possibly get !!

6am, I go to sleep.

It's 9am, and I am just wide awake !!! My teeth hurt from putting in a retainer from sooo long ago hahah. But geez !

What can I do to get some sleep around here ??? :0

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