Thursday, January 3, 2013

Something New, Feeling in Love much more?

A little love story, if you will :)

Last night, my dearest husband came home from overnight Duty. He was tired and came right to bed with me. He hugged my belly tight and said "I'm going to sleep with my baby today". I thought he was joking but, she kept calm and he fell asleep hugging my belly.

Soon after, I found myself sleepy and slept right with them both.

I woke up at one pm, starving ! We made plans to start getting things ready for the baby shower at 3pm. I was in the living room watching TV, on Google+, and of course enjoying left overs from New Years Dinner.

4pm came around and he finally woke up. :)
He ate some food, we both got ready and off we went to look at the Activity Centers to hold our baby shower. We got all the info we needed fairly quickly and then I asked him "Where to?"
He gave me sly kind of smile and said "What about the mall? Lets go have a pretzel, a smoothie, and walk around a little."
I was so happy to hear those words coming out of his mouth. And off we went.
We ate our pretzels from Auntie Anne's, drank our smoothies from Ice Ice Baby, ate some fries from Charley's subs, talked and laughed plenty !!! It was such a nice, simple night out :)
We came home and I searched for DIY party favors and racked my brain a little more.

10pm came around and it was bedtime. I put my pillow in front of me like a body pillow, turned off my lamp and he grabbed me from my waist. I thought he was jokingly tugging on me, so I pulled away a bit, but he pulled me all the way back this time. I haven't felt that sense of "man handling" if you will (hahha) since before our marriage and before our pregnancy. It was a sort of sexy feeling.
He pulled me in and I ended up lying on his bicep with his other arm around my belly. He kissed my forehead goodnight and we fell right asleep.

It was a beautiful feeling. We've been having a bit of roughness with our relationship and I want to say its the pregnancy, but a part of me tends not to believe it.

Moments like this remind me why I fell in love with him in the first place. And why I continue to.

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