Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PARTY TIME BLOGS !!! ;; Any ideas ? :)

So, As I've mentioned plenty plenty, my baby is due to come soon! I've been racking my brain trying to plan a successful baby shower. So far, the invitations were compromised seeing as our lids did NOT come in on time. So, I wrapped each invitation like so with kraft paper :)

I used gift basket shredding to fill the base of the box and put the invitation on top.
I then went ahead and tied it with a Pink ribbon and wrapped it individually with a wonderful Kraft paper which I got the from Dollar Tree Store.

My husband and his fellow Marine went out and delivered them door to door with their Uniform, it was so nice ! A friend of mine was so shy and said she felt like she was being invited to a fairytale ball or party :)

Okay, so that is that. Half of the people haven't received their invites because of mailing. AHH !

NOW, I already reserved the place from 2pm-6pm. Party starts at 2:30pm sooo I'm gonna try to set everything up quick with the help of friends.


I'm having an elephant focused safari pink and brown theme. I'm just not sure what to serve. What drinks and foods. Also, I'm having cupcakes, but not sure what the point would be if I'm also having a cake??

I made a registry online, but it doesn't seem like everyone looks at it. I have clothes GALORE and am trying to prevent from getting more clothes.

I have a drawer full and am trying to organize all of her clothes. I have it overflowing and even in her little crib !!!

But I can truly say  I'm blessed :)

All in all, I want to read about your baby showers. Your themes, and what you ladies did


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