Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baby delivery READY!

I am officially going on nine months in five days. The last examination we went to, we were informed that my baby was measuring ahead. SO I expect her to pop any day now.

I was diagnosed with Anemia couple months back so I've been on this Iron pill. Well, I'm supposed to be on it, but I just tend to forget to take it often "/ I'm wondering if that will affect my labor or birth for any reason?

I am completely tired at this point. And sleep DOESN'T come easy. I used to love the sound of my husband's snoring. It made me fall right asleep. Now, I can't help but to get cranky and frustrated.

My eating has increased, like doubled!! I wake up starving!!!! I snack all day and still ever get that full feeling. It's crazy!!!

I noticed new stretch marks on my tummy. No bueno. I thoughtI only has a few on my sides right above my hips. I guess genetics doesn't explain it, my mom has not one stretch mark and she popped six kids!!!

I have no strength, I can barely walk without it being painful for me. I'm just completely done with this pregnancy, I want her to support me and just pop right out, and say "There mommy. I'm here and I cooperated!" Hahha ! :)


  1. Aw so exciting! I know you can't wait to hold your little precious baby girl. The very end of pregnancy was hard for me, I was so uncomfortable, and I had started nesting even more than before. Take it easy, and just when you know it she will be here in no time! (And your heart is going to melt) :)

    1. Oh yes !! I definitely can't wait!!! I've fixed everything in the room from diapers to swaddling blankets and all her little clothes :)
      Patience is key, that's what I need to remember :)