Monday, February 11, 2013

The Waiting Game

So ever since I had my sonogram and was told I would most likely have this baby earlier on, I have been playing the waiting game. Every contraction I get, I like to think just maybe, that one time will be the contraction that sets me into labor.

But of course, that's just wishful thinking.

I am super anxious to meet her, but at the same time, I'm so tired of being pregnant. :0

Horrible I know :(

I will miss the kicks, and her weird elbows and knees kicking out of my tummy.

I will not miss the heartburn (which has returned with a vengeance), discomfort, insomnia, fatigue and nausea. I'm 36 weeks tomorrow, 9 months. And already, I have been doing the good old wives' tales for this baby to come as I was once told; sooner.

I bought a red raspberry leaf tea which I try to drink daily to tone my uterus. I have my husband massaging me every now and again as I've been told acupressure helps. I eat my spicy foods and try to walk as much as I can.   
But nothing.

I'm starting to believe she will come on her due date.
But fingers crossed !!!!

And in the meantime, here I am, sitting in bed with two capri suns and a fruit cups to keep her little big ol' tummy satisfied as she dances away in my tummy.


  1. Keep your chin up Mama she'll be here soon! Hopefully everything goes wonderful with your delivery. I know it's hard to enjoy your final days of being pregnant but try to. Because it'll be over before you know it.

    1. Thanks so much! I really have begun to embrace it more. I realize that once she's out, I'm sure she'll be a little nut just like her daddy :)