Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wait Just a little more please !!!

Today is Tuesday, February 26, 2013and went in for my weekly check up.

Lately, I've been feeling soo much better about the pregnancy. I've been complimented about having a glow several times the last weekend and that's given me such a boost in confidence! :)
I've felt good enough to put a little make up on every here and there, and to dress up nice at least a tad. It's helped me embrace my pregnancy a little.

So today, I'm 38 weeks pregnant and waiting. As I stated in my past posts, I was told my baby girl might come out sooner. Well, today I'm not a bit of dilated and my cervix is a tad thinned. That's all. So by next week, if I'm not dilated, we have to start planning.


I don't want to plan !!!

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  1. That's great to hear that you have been feeling good about yourself, pregnancy is such a beautiful experience..(and the glow us mommy's get is beautiful too) :) Sending you warm wishes, and best of luck Joanna~